Haere mai

You control your happiness, no one else. 

Modern life is intense. The to-do list never ends. We tell ourselves: if I can just get a pay rise, a better car, a beach holiday, all my problems will evaporate and the stress I feel will melt away…

We cannot escape the stressors of life. We can learn how to cope with the emotions we feel as a result.

We know that “mindfulness” is to bring calm by concentrating on the present moment. Mindfulness meditation has roots in Buddhism and has become a common part of psychological therapy. It seems so simple! As Buddhist monk Phap Dung said, “with a breath, you can bring calm, clarity and rest your thinking.”

Practicing mindfulness is one way to improve your emotional fitness. Emotional fitness is the idea that our minds can be trained and conditioned in the same way our bodies can and the results are equally, if not more, beneficial. For example, practicing mindfulness is a way to exercise our attention muscles so we can better focus on the things that serve our emotional well-being, while letting go of that which doesn’t. 

Your health is your wealth. 

Emotional fitness, mindfulness, mediation… these buzzwords words can put people off. Ultimately, however, your mental and physical well-being is the foundation of a happy and successful life. 

The good news is: the techniques are simple. They require an open-mind and practice. 

We are all part of a larger picture. The success and happiness of the community as a collective, has an immensely positive impact on the life of each individual. I’m passionate about serving the community I belong to. 

Your Instructor

I studied journalism at university in São Paulo, Brazil. My intention was to come to New Zealand, improve my English language skills and return to my career as a journalist. It was nine years before I went back to Brazil for a visit. I love Aotearoa and became a proud citizen in 2019. 

Growing up in a poor area of Araçatuba, Brazilian Jiu-Jistu was my escape.  Training BJJ instilled in me the values of discipline, commitment, resilience and humility. 

I am grateful to share these values with my students at Combat Room. Together with my team, we have established a thriving academy focusing on the emotional fitness of our students, with training that incorporates mindfulness and meditation techniques.  

Off the mats, I have facilitated emotional fitness workshops at Remutaka prison focusing on raising awareness of emotional triggers and managing upsetting feelings. The connections I made with the participants in these workshops inspired me to continue this kind of work as a way to serve my wider community.

I have been a guest speaker at various events on the subject of mindfulness in the work place and emotional fitness. In 2018, I began hosting live events where I invited experts in health and well-being to share their wisdom. The success of these events inspired me to set up a podcast (The Rise of the Super Being) as a way to provide access to a wider audience. The Rise of the Super Being podcast invites members of the community who have dedicated their lives to promoting health and well-being to share their diverse and fascinating expertise and experience. 

Ultimately, a healthy tree needs strong roots. I consider the mind to be the root of well-being. As an instructor, it is my job to help you cultivate your physical and emotional stability and strength.


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