Mindfulness and Meditation

Modern life is all about doing and what needs to be done.

To be mindful is to be in the moment.

By practising mindfulness, you will increase your sense of awareness, the consequence of which will be a greater sense of inner peace. Mindfulness helps you to steady emotions, release creativity and develop compassion for yourself and others.

Practising mindfulness improves confidence, efficiency and longevity.

Your Instructor

Vanderson Pires is a journalist from Sao Paulo.

A black belt and professor of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, he has seen a massive improvement in the emotional and physical health of his students after incorporating mindfulness and meditation into his lessons.

Having had great success working with local prisoners, Vanderson has been assisting them in developing simple techniques to trigger awareness and to better manage upsetting feelings.

As an instructor, Vanderson believes that a healthy tree needs strong roots. We should consider our minds to be the root of our wellbeing.

Mindfulness training will assist you in cultivating physical and emotional stability and strength.




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